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so from this I'm going to guess I twisted too far with the arm thing again oops

I just twisted my whole arm from the shoulder in the picture? I'm bracing my hand on my knee but it's under the blanket so not super visible. my fingers are bent towards my body, my palm facing opposite, and wrist upwards.

if you're referring to the position of my elbow, that's a hypermobility thing- when my arms are at full extention, instead of making a straight line my joints turn it all into a curve. so when seen from that angle it can look kinda weird lol. 

different angle (not really great) pic under cut- might clarify but also the joint thing freaks people out sometimes so



my shoulders are way more extreme but. yeah. this is the version with the inside of my elbow facing up. the other pic is same on the hand, just reverse the way the elbow's facing. it just depends on which way I rotate my arm.

"I was one of those. I meddled with dark powers. I summoned demons. I ate the entire little cheese, including the rind."

Kvothe, Wise Man's Fear

Kvothe's constant and everlasting disgust when it comes to poetry entertains me so much

squinting at a poetry book with only one eye at a time 'so as not to damage the entirety' of his brain. being shamed to admit that he had to write a poem. the whole 'poetry is music without a soul' thing. this:

"In order to survive, I begged for crusts, stole a man's shoes, and recited poetry. The last should demonstrate more than all the rest how truly desperate my situation became."



Inktober Day 9: Overgrown

hi hello I am confusion and would like answers please

kingkiller chronicles, Wise Man's Fear: "I tried to get a look at my injury, and quickly realized that you couldn't get a look at the back of your own elbow, no matter how much you wanted to."


yes??? you can?? very easily??? you just brace your hand upside down on smth and there it is??? is this not normal or something???

oh good idea!! I'll pass it on to him!

my skin is so ridiculously fragile and pale that I got into an encounter with a rosebush and every single point the thorns connected with my skin is starkly visible thanks to my body flipping out and haloing every point in irritated pink

I'm going to dump an entire benadryl bottle all over my arm if it doesn't stop itching soon I swear


the pattern book's completely in japanese.

I cannot read japanese.

my brother, on the other hand, is basically fluent, but is 100% self-taught and has understandable gaps when it comes to topics he hasn't really gotten into before.

this did not stop us from struggling for 10 minutes trying to figure out what kind of fabric these patterns were calling for until I finally gave up and typed "cotton" into the japanese dictionary we had pulled up.



okay so you know how before I made a post asking about sewing machines for my brother because he wanted to get into sewing and so on??

yeah he's still into sewing. very into it.

so into it he's gotten himself a dressmaker's dummy (which we sized to me) and a pattern book for gothic lolita dresses, which is apparently what he wanted to sew all along because they looked complicated and fun! 

honestly I'm thrilled he's actually trying to make what he wants and not letting other people's opinion's keep him stuck doing things he finds boring, but we were looking at the patterns and trying to figure out fabric amounts and

you know how gothic lolita style is very, very lacy?

like... it's a very cute style. that likes to trim lots and lots of seams and hems with lace.


one of these patterns straight-up calls for 23 yards of lace.





these are going to be some very pricey dresses.

By 80Roxy08

Rawr ! 

You probably can't see it, but this isn't white paint : It's sparkly silver watercolor 😄

Unrelated note, is there a best time to post on Waterfall ?  Just seems like the audience here is much more constant around the clock...

asdfghjkl okay @fungus got me curious so I went outside and plucked a bit of wood sorrel and ate it and

oh my god it's so good?? delicious lemony flavor even in the leaves which I was not expecting- I had looked up all the ID stuff (standard never do anything with a foraged plant unless you're 100% sure you know what it is and what it does) and knew it was supposed be 'sour' but still somehow I didn't expect it??

a gate has been opened. I can never go back. The knowledge forever more resides inside me that yellow wood sorrel is absolutely delicious and I'm now always going to eyeball this plant and think "snack".

so it turns out the plant that's been confusing me by popping up all over the place in the garden is actually yellow wood sorrel??

I'll have to take a picture of it sometime and put it up bc it's actually a very pretty plant and apparently if you use it to make a natural dye you can get an orange color!! don't know if that's using it fresh or dried tho

peachy-queer asked:

re: wax preserves, like...using wax as the lid of preserves? instead of lids? or like some other thing? because i'm intruiged too! (i think my mom did uh...fruit? preserves? one year with wax, but i have only a vauge memory so it was probably a really long time ago and i might be mixing it up with something else.

yeah I think so!! when she shows me I'll have to put some pictures up/recount how she does it, she said it's an "old way of preserving jellies and jams and so on without canning" (direct quote!)! 

it is worth noting there's a plus side to that ordeal- my absolute saint of a grandmother, who adopted the cutest dog in the world a couple months back, and I got to talk a bit of gardening with her! she also said she'll teach me how to preserve things with wax which I did not know you can do and am very interested in now


having to deal with visiting family you only see once a year is exhausting enough but how about when you add certain other family members deciding to bRING UP YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS AND ALL THE OLD PEOPLE DECIDED TO PULL UP MY BUSINESS BLOG AND TALK ABOUT IT AND YOU CAN FEEL THE VISITING OLD PEOPLE J U D G I N G YOU

aaaah, mortification, my old friend, hadn't had to deal with you for a while! please leave quickly and never come back thnx

also had to spend a considerable amount of time biting my tongue bc a great-uncle was talking about how my generation (with arm gestures in my direction) don't care about anything if it's not from the supermarket and wrapped in cellophane and 


I basically just. don't talk much around pretty much anyone except my parents and brother because I have no confidence, people skills, and have no idea how to navigate social situations whatsoever so I didn't say anything but like

do I need to just tape a sign to myself or smth to precisely point out that yes, I do count as part of Generation Z, yes I would rather proccure my food by raising/growing it myself and trading with other people, yes I am DEEPLY concerned about the enviroment and there is rarely a day I DON'T fret about it and would very much like to stop supporting the systems that continually poison the world and *deep inhale*

anyway I'm very jittery and worked up at the moment but also incredibly worn out so I'm wrapping myself up in a cocoon of blankets and the only reason I'd leave is to tend my plants but wow I don't have the energy for that

people are very draining and I require recharging before I can function again

cottagewife -

ppl say that we young people can't be away from our phones for too long but look if a strange mythical creature or even just a regular human asked me to run away with them into a magical forest and abandon society i wouldn't hesitate to toss my phone aside and join them for the rest of my life

otherwise i will keep using my phone to distract myself from the world, thank u very much

hot chocolate mix package: new recipe!! now makes an 8 oz cup of hot chocolate!! make sure you measure out 8 oz of water!!

me, continuing to make my hot chocolate with 6 oz of water instead: ok

sometimes you just gotta forsake the concept of shoes altogether and run around barefoot on dew-soaked grass until your feet feel like feet again

the 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind is still the most beautiful book I've ever come across

crownedwithwisteria -

I did not realize how many random story ideas I've come up with over two years until I went to go and try to force order on my google docs

crownedwithwisteria -

I have 152 documents

a good number of these have 30-60 pages with one having over 100

I write in pt. 8 arial

I generally switch topic/ideas at the absolute minimum of twice per page but it can be many, many more

and I'm over here trying to give each story its own document.

... place your bets.

I did not realize how many random story ideas I've come up with over two years until I went to go and try to force order on my google docs

archie -

doing art is reaching a point where you say "future me will figure it out" and then becoming future you and going "@ past me fuck you"

Kvothe, arriving at the University, barely a week off the streets, five years younger than everyone else at the least, and literally not a penny to his name: Hello fellow students I am here to Learn