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I was rewatching the polygon video where they made those 78 breath of the wild recipes while I was working on spinning (trying to finish up using my roving stash before I try my hand at the silk fibers my mother found) and once again I am struck by the thought that you'd probably be able to make a pretty good number of botw's recipes in a cast-iron dutch oven over a fire/with coals if you're willing to tweak things and camp out beside your cookfire for a few hours

they look like they're completely innocent but lady mayhem right there's been stepping all over my keyboard and mouse for about half and hour and my darling son tried to take a dive out the window when I cracked it for some fresh air earlier

tfw you find out that one of your persistant joint issues could be fixed by wearing a brace but in order to obtain the type of brace you need you'd have to find a physical therapist that actually believes that joint hypermobility exists 🙃

I JUST remembered I said I was going to post this asdfghjkl

bad monster cucumber of yuck = top cucumber

good little normal cucumber of yum = bottom cucumber

it is to my shame that I must admit that this is not the biggest I've ever accidently let a cucumber get before, because there were about 7 last year that I snapped off the vine and yeeted directly into the woods before anyone could witness my negligence in cucumber picking.

@phantomflame03 part of it's just the type we're growing! some types of cucumber it's okay to let keep going, and can hit their max size and still be perfectly edible, but a significant number of varieties get a really unpleasant taste/texture when they get big. super bitter to taste and all nasty-mealy feeling in the mouth.

the types of cucumbers you see in stores/farmer's markets are all pretty young cucumbers- and they only stay that size for a few days in the home garden, so if you're growing your own you really have to keep on top of picking!

types of cucumbers that get used for pickling esp. are prone to getting inedibly bitter as they get bigger- and that goes double for those that get pickled whole!

haven't talked about the porch plants for a while so...

the banana trees are continuing to grow fast enough I'm somewhat worried that their roots are running out of space?? also thinking they're about ready for a good dose of fish emulsion too!

(also, my mother bought me an olive tree, which is the itty bitty little stick of green leaves right behind the front banana plant's leaves in the top pic. I don't know how big it gets so finding it a container is going to be interesting!!)

and of course, my spikey sons!!! big boys!! thinking I might have to give them their own individual pots sometime soon, because the boys are getting very crowded here! they're about a year and a half old now, I think!

the further in summer we go, the heavier the basket gets!

top picture's actually from a few days ago, I just wanted to include a good image of the cucumbers and pepper(s) we're getting sdfghjkl

the tomatoes are delicious and I have no idea what kind they are because I, the grandest fool, forgot to label them. yes, I'm kicking myself over it. but sweet, sun-warmed tomatoes with that perfect burst of coolness in the center... hhhh I missed garden-fresh tomatoes so much!!

sdfghjkl I,, didn't keep on top of really carefully searching the cucumbers every single day (because it's TOO HOT why would you possibly spend more than 5 mins at a time outside right now) and there's now two monster cucumbers growing there that are way too big to eat now,,,

didn't pick them because I had my hands full with a basket of smaller, actually reasonably sized cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes but I will later to toss to the chickens because at least they'll eat them??

Trickster in the moon

Remember Doopliss busting through the moon? I sure do

autiestella -

so wonder abit

is just stella, or do anyone else unpower & unplug personl electronics when storm happen??

obv some stuff not practical unplug, or maybe easy enough replace if damage, but if smth like computer? NOPE, unplug it goes. not want risk even if light storm - lightning still lightning, never know what maybe hit

babushka -

i thought thay was kind of a safety rule

crownedwithwisteria -

I always unplug everything! we've had too many things fry themselves for me to risk it. and then I go set myself up somewhere cozy with a flashlight nearby just in case we lose power.

a conversation just occured that resulted in me calling myself "basically a glorified copy machine" and my brother immediately responding with "GIVE ME YOUR COPY MACHINE"

no tomatoes for months and then suddenly four cherry tomatoes all on the same day... finally

aaand final garden news as of the moment: we've harvested over 6 lbs of cucumbers, over 2 lbs of peppers, getting up close on 7 lbs of blackberries, and everything's getting pickled and jellied and canned and frozen today!

which lead to us discovering that everywhere is price-gouging canning lids and rings here?? it's normally like.. $8 for a 12 pack, now they're $19. for a 12 pack.

I kinda guessed this was going to happen because of the gardening boom at the start of the year- now everyone's getting their harvests in and realizing they need to put them up, so canning supplies are just. wiped. we still have enough stuff to can what we want just because we tend to keep that sort of stuff on hand, but yikes.

this is all sweet potato foliage with like... three blades of grass mixed in and that's it for weeds.

red japanese, ginseng, and all purple sweet potatoes are all mixed in together here, and there's a mirror of this on the bed directly across from this one, only it has 3 molokai purple sweet potatoes + gourd plants in it.


look, do I have a harvest yet? absolutely not. but I refuse to stop being excited about this because look!! at!! those!! tassles!!!

this is the true gold sweet corn- heirloom, so I'm curious at how it's going to taste! since heirloom corn tends to not be as sweet as hybrid sweet corn and all.

@yugioh779 fresh corn is one of the most delicious things in the world I swear hhhh

and yesss peeling away those shucks and brushing off the silks to get to the corn all smooth and perfect underneath... nice.

witchesflower asked:

Diazomethane and Oleum!

Diazomethane: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

weaving fabric from absolute scratch!! like actually being able to take wool, or flax, or nettle fiber and be able to turn those things into an end project like. a shirt. or a quilt. but literally all of it made pretty much 100% from scratch by hand. I always thought that would be neat :D

Oleum: If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

okay I've been thinking this over for a while and. I've got nothing.

I've never once listened to a song and gone 'yes this describes my life' so I don't actually have an answer for this? hm.