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also I recently found out that sweet potato slips apparently are supposed to be capable of producing 5 lbs of sweet potatoes per slip

and that a single sweet potato can give you about 10 slips so


I'm absolutely gonna have to figure out how to pick/save sweet potatoes for slip-making because if I could get ten slips off one potato for free instead of forking over $10 for only 6 potato slips?? yeah I'm absolutely going to do that instead  

F I N A L L Y found a source I trust on the how to save potatoes front- seed savers exchange is a really cool site btw, I strongly recommend checking them out- now I just need to see if I can find any solid sources on what kind of problems crop up when doing so, and how to deal with them/what kind of preventative measures you can take to stave those problems off.

I have a feeling the answer to a lot of them is going to be 'crop rotation', tbh

while I'm on the topic of planting and growing things, the expectation that you should purchase new seed potatoes and sweet potato slips every single year but never save your own is more than a bit ridiculous

the prices for both of these things are high. additionally, my one of my main goals in life is to sever the need to rely on outside sources/non-local sources for the food I produce as much as possible- and all I can find on why everything says not to save your own potatoes for planting year after year is because they can hold diseases. what diseases? why can't I find anything on exactly what diseases they are? what makes the stores selling these seed potatoes so different from my garden that they are considered safe, while mine would not be? what are they doing differently, other than dousing their fields in pesticides? is it a genetic thing? failure to rotate crops, bug-bestowed disease, what is it?? 

as much as stores would like you to think that they're an absolutely vital part of your life, lowes and tractor supply weren't around from the dawning of time. why can't I find anything on how people grew these crops before going to the store and buying a sack of potatoes for your fields every year became the norm? 

I really want to grow heirloom sweet corn specifically because it's supposed to be less sweet than modern hybrid corn

I'm weak for corn but honestly,, the nasty stuff they sell in the store is almost sickening sweet. not a fan.

syrup -

Fairy Lantern flower

  • Scientific Name: Calochortus Albus
  • Other names:White Globe Lily, Fairy Lantern, Indian Bells, or Alabaster Tulip.
  • Location: California
  • Positive qualities: Healthy maturation; acceptance of adult responsibilities
  • Patterns of imbalance: Immaturity, helplessness, neediness, childish dependency; unable to take responsibility
  • Chakra: Sacral

It seemingly protects its inner sensitive space by closing it off to the outer world.

The early developmental process of childhood is critical for the human soul. When this is disturbed, many problems will manifest which inhibit full adult maturation. The soul who needs Fairy Lantern still clings to a childlike personality. In some instances, the true identity of the child was suppressed during its development and not allowed its rightful expression. More frequently, the parents or other family members excessively reinforce or restrict the personality in its identity as an immature child. Such a person learns that she or he will receive love only by remaining in an arrested, over-dependent childlike state. These souls become delicate and needy, lacking in inner strength to face the world or shoulder responsibility. They play the role of the puer eterna (eternal child) who needs to unconsciously repeat childhood throughout adult life, hoping to somehow transform this arrested stage of development. Fairy Lantern can also be used during childhood and adolescence for retarded phases of physical or emotional development. Fairy Lantern helps souls to move through these emotional blocks in the maturation process by maintaining a healthy relationship to the inner child, but as a fully functioning, mature adult.

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step one of needle felting: resign yourself to the fact that you will bleed for this creation

crownedwithwisteria -

@naiad oh it might!! I'll have to give it a try!

So I was trying to doodle some cats earlier and realized that I must have forgotten what cats looked like, so I looked up some pictures of cats and drew them. 

I now remember how to draw cats. 

asdfghjkl the numbers on my fics make me laugh sometimes

^^ posted 2 days ago, in an active fandom. technically also using a popular "setting" except not, doing my own twist on it instead.

^^ posted in 2 months ago, in a fandom that gets new fics so rarely that if you sort by "updated" I'm still on the first page.

it didn't even take a full day for the older fic to get left in the dust asdfghjkl

rubbertig -

on this site you have to make the content you want for things and i thinks thats kinda neat. like you can be sole fan-artist on here for something and thats so powerful. you can legit be the number #1 fan on waterfull for your specfic interest... like dang... i feel the strength in my bones...

gloatbee -

Being in this site is exactly the same experience as shipping a rare pair


  • You have the absolute power
  • Everything is exactly what you were searching for
  • Cuz you made it exactly that way
  • Talking about it like cray-cray might attract more people


  • You need to create to keep this boat afloat
  • What if I don't know how to do things???
  • Guess you have to start learning
  • You might be the only one on the boat for a while

star-rice -

I might also add that one good thing about WF is that, since there aren't too many of us, if one of the people you follow is genuinely excited about something, I find, you're still likely to like, reblog and generally interact with that content even if you have no goddamn clue what it is/are not into the thing because we all understand that we have more impact amongst each other here. 

Here's the sketch of the snapdragons I did and tried to upload on that last post that broke.

tiddywife -

i am going to continue wearing tights this whole winter

Hi, yes, this is my child and, yes, she is always like this. 

vincebirds 2019

lost all motivation and havent drawn for a month, but hey, here's some bird

Star Rice, 2019

As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background:

oh yeah it's technically already tuesdirt so here <3 

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yes i will put a medieval setting and a modern magical girl setting in the same world. no you cannot stop me

it is 10:35 pm

I am undeniably sick with this year's rendition of The Winter Plauge™

and for some reason I have the overwhelming and all-encompassing urge to bake bread

herb book, on the insomnia page: in order to reduce the stress of insomnia and feel better rested, get 8 hours of sleep every night!

me: I don't think you quite understand the problem here

hey you know shamrocks?? those large clover-y looking things with the white flowers that pop up in stores being sold in plastic containers with shamrock-patterned plastic around them?? that apparently everyone just throws away when they start to wilt??

they apparently grow from rhizomes. I don't know why I'm so baffled at this. little pinky-peach rhizomes. they're actually really cool looking?? made me think of dragon scales!

feebooks -

Aye.... Aye! Yeah, you!

Be happy about yourself!

Be happy that you have love around you!

Be happy that you gotten through today!

Tomorrow is another day to go through, but be positive!

crownedwithwisteria -

... shit. 

so a thing just came up

there's a very distinct chance now that we'll have to leave my great-grandfather's land because of our out-of-state relatives because they've dropped some very heavy hints this last visit and now everyone's worried and honestly? it's only a matter of time. it really is. I wish this was just my anxiety blowing everything out of proportion again, but going by the hushed, incredibly uneasy meeting between the parents and the grandparents I overheard this morning, it's really probably not.

if they buy this land and move in, we're going to have to leave. if they get to do what they want with this land, first of all, they're going to destroy it. flat out, they're going to kill this land, destroy the ecosytems, strip the soil of any fertility and poison it all to boot. this isn't even speculation, we know this for a fact just based off of what they've mentioned they want to do. speculation is that they'd also destroy the woods and bulldoze all of great-grandpa's fruit trees. speculation is unfortunately likely.

secondly, we physically cannot live next to them if they do this. they'd use heavy pesticides like rain, they don't think or care about the effects of this stuff. three people that live on this property right now have or had asthma growing up, and that besides, we can't stay around to breathe that shit in.

I don't even know where we'd go. not a city. none of us can live in cities. none of us can stand cities longer than an hour or so at a time, living in one would be hell. and we've got all the animals besides to think about. and of course these relatives are rich as hell while we're just not, so it's not like my parents can buy the land from my grandparents first and like... quickly slap some sheep on it or smth so they can't just go like 'well you're not using it anyway so can we buy it now?' and proceed to kill of everything we're doing because the chemicals don't just stay where you put them you know

god I hope they don't offer to buy the land. I don't think my grandparents can say no if they do. I've lived here for 20 years!! which really isn't a lot but that's still my entire life! this land's always been a constant the whole time- I've always been told, always knew in the back of my head that no matter where I went in life, I'd end up back here, because it was always supposed to be passed down through our family line. that was the whole point, that was what my great-grandfather wanted. from my great-grandfather to my grandmother to my father to me. and then if my brother has kids in the future, probably one of them because I really don't have any interest in getting married or having kids.

and it was reassuring, you know? because it's something solid, something you can build and grow up and pass on, so the people that come after you aren't starting from nothing. you build a haven, a fortress, a home. and the trees you plant, the shelters you make, the fences you build, if you're lucky they'll all outlast you. 

I always figured that this land- all its woods, its trees, everything my great-grandfather built and made- would outlive me. I counted on it, actually.

now, odds are, I'm actually going to see it die first. 

crownedwithwisteria -

@fungus unfortunately they already know that I want the land to farm on :( originally, if there wasn't this stuff happening, the land being passed on to me was basically unquestioned fact- my brother didn't want it, while I actively had plans to build off of what we have- the tricky part about all this are the out-of-state relatives.

technically speaking, if my aunt demands that she gets a share of the land (or offers to buy all of it), my grandparents probably can't actually tell her no without her probably getting really offended and starting a bunch of family drama as a best-case scenario.

and that aunt's really unlikely to back off if I do mention I want the land, because she's not really shy about the fact that she thinks I'm.... flighty, to be nice about it. she hasn't said that she thinks my love for plants and growing things and actually being halfway decent to the planet we live on is a phase but... it's implied. heavily. and I feel like she's not just going to let me have the land back once she's done with it- she's going to want to pass it down her family line, to her kid, instead. ://

star-rice -

The very obvious answer is to murder your aunt and make it look like an accident.

Hysterics aside, could you make a plea to your grandparents? Express your concerns about her use of the land? Play the sympathy card that'd you'd be upholding their legacy, their parents legacy and giving potential to future generations. It also sounds like your Aunt is gonna do none of that, that she's doing it for greedy purposes, not for their families prosperity, but her own.

Not to mention y'all seemingly have few options for relocation and your aunt is well off, y'all need the land way more than she does.

Unless your grandparents won't hear it either, in which I say start spiking trees and other forms of sabotage. If they're gonna destroy the land anyway, might as well make it as hard for them as possible and call it karma if they ask you what's up.

crownedwithwisteria -

might be able to use the legacy plea to at least buy some extra stall time? I know I've got my parents on my side and that at least my grandpa doesn't want them to take the land bc they don't like what the aunt and uncle want to do with it either. it might win me some points with my uncle too but it also might not, he's really unpredictable.

I don't know if maybe, maybe since actually being able to buy the land is so completely far off as to be out of reach for me right now if I could maybe instead convince my grandparents to let me use that "prime space" that the relatives were dropping those hints about for like... maybe trying to set up and run a mini-farm as "practice"? I don't even know if that would work though because I'd have to figure out how to do that on like, a shoestring and having an active project on that land might not even deter them anyway.

they're not like... horrible people, my aunt and uncle, but to be completely honest? they basically just don't think about the long-term consequences of what they do when it comes to things like this. they wouldn't even see it as a sad thing, to get rid of the trees great-grandpa planted, to flatten out more woods and spray everything with roundup and other toxic gunk. they'd just think they were improving things.

star-rice -

If they ever buy it tho, plz spike the trees. They don't deserve to be bulldozed. ;w;

I super hope that your aunt and uncle try their bullshit somewhere else. Land (and all that comes with it) doesn't deserve what treatment they'd give it. And yours already has a capable caretaker. 

crownedwithwisteria -
@star-rice I'm going to do everything I can to protect those trees!! as a just-in-case last resort I'm going to try and get cuttings of all of them to root- so even if we do end up having to leave, and if it turns out they're hell-bent on getting rid of the trees no matter what gets in the way, at least they'll survive in some form and I can bring them with me. but hopefully (please, god, hopefully) it won't come to that.


@fungus I can try!! they're visiting again at christmas, so I'll be able to scope out the mood and see if they'll be receptive or not :)