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i posted it on tumblr before, but you WILL look at my ocs

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bringing back the C U B E

pretty sure the hens somehow picked up that I told the internet that they were slowing down as they aged because I go into the kitchen and there's at least 45 eggs on the counter

just harvested an 18 & 1/2 lb desert king watermelon and!! it was perfectly ripe!! :D :D :D so pretty too before we started eating it, nice and lovely light green on the outside and an even yellow color inside!!

got it chilling in the fridge now and we'll eat our way through it between today and tomorrow, during which I'll quietly be basking in the glorious feel of victory because it is so hard to tell when watermelons are ripe and this is only the second time I've ever gotten it right!!

*chanting* ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks

asdfghjkl seriously though I'm super excited about having these babies!! their main purpose is going to be as foragers/insect control in a wild garden/berry shrub garden area we're working on, which they'll be fertilizing as they go- plus, all our hens are getting to be old ladies, so having the fresh eggs is a bonus (though we'll probably be getting some new baby chicks soon too to take up the slack)!

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Littleton Colorado Farm & Museum

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we've got baby ducks!!! there's eight of them and they're all runner ducks, 2 fawn-and-whites, 2 black, 2 chocolate, and 2 blue!! they're tiny and skittish and fast so taking pictures of them is very hard!!

the little yellow ducklings-pretty sure they're the fawn-and-white ones- seem to be a little bolder than the others, kind of leading the others around. and one of the black ducklings is smaller than all the rest- you can kind of see it on that top picture, the ducklings that's all the way to the left, standing in front of the yellow one over there- and it seems to be the most timid one, from what I can tell.

they're perfect and I love them

Social distancing in Siberia: "please keep the length of one small bear from each other".

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I'm bored and curious tell me your most hated fabric(s)

my top three are denim, corduroy, and that nasty fake-silk stuff that's just pure polyester

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fake silk, chiffon and velour

Denim Good, how dare you

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Denim... Bad

I'm bored and curious tell me your most hated fabric(s)

my top three are denim, corduroy, and that nasty fake-silk stuff that's just pure polyester


she was purring the whole time but she wouldn't stop moving pls baby I just want to take a cute picture of you like the memes please just be still for one minute??

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Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

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ok but when will physics let me double jump

on the one hand: knowing I can eat a sunflower stalk if I'm really hurting for food is a good thing to know

on the other hand: I will not be eating one unless I'm actually starving because that. did not taste good.

lina -

Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

lina -

Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

handy thing about having way too many hobbies that fall under the 'crafting' umbrella: if something goes wrong/gets stuck with one, something from the others will probably fix it.

example: wound my spun single off the spindle onto a metal watercolor case because I didn't have anything else to work with. this caused a problem of its own in getting the thing off without the whole lot tangling together, and being too tight for me to get anything underneath to tie it nice and secure so all my work wouldn't basically ruin itself. which itself got fixed by using one of my tiniest crochet hooks to get underneath the single and pull a length of crochet yarn through to tie around the lot in several places, keeping it together so I could brute-force the entire mess off the watercolor case.

one day I will find a wisteria plant right as it's blooming and make myself a flower crown out of it and,, finally,, I will truly be crowned with wisteria

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please delete ableism so bee get better

beefox -

reblog to delete ableism

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New game: Reblog this with the spookiest place you know of/have been to!

For me, it's the top floor of the Buhl Club.

The Buhl Club is a community center in the town I live in, and the building is quite old (built in 1903, I think). Anyways, I used to go there for swimming lessons and dance class. My dance class was on the second to top floor, as the top floor was roped off due being unstable/in need of repairs. Now, the staircase itself is kind of spooky on it's own (considering how many nightmares I have about staircases, maybe it shouldn't have surprised me so much that I developed a fear of heights as I got older), but add in the fact that you could see up to the next landing, but see almost nothing of what was up there because it was perpetually pitch black and some kind of rope (I don't know what it was from) is hanging over the banister over the open air looking like a damn noose, and it made it 10x as freaky. Far creepier than any cemetary I've ever been to.

crownedwithwisteria -

personal experience: an abandoned trailer park in... I think it was kentucky? that we ended up in at about 1 am, trying to find a campsite that was in the complete opposite direction.

the place was packed full of rusted, broken trailers and there were those huge googly eyes/plastic decal eyes just. everywhere. on every single tree. any place the headlights landed, there were more eyes, and in the dark, when we were absolutely lost, and all incredibly tired and on edge from it? yeah, no, never again, please and thank you.