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every day I feel like my life is getting more and more like a farming video game and you know what? I'm fine with that.

my father was concerned at the fact that I only have small "sample" packets of seeds (some of them half-used) to plant in the garden this year for things such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, beans, and so on, but little does he know that if you actually add all my seeds up, not by variety, but by individual plant type, I go from having 5 half-used packets to suddenly having 1,200 carrot seeds ready for the planting.

I made fried rice!!

I'm pretty proud of myself lol, eggs and bacon both scare me and this recipe had both in it. I've also never cooked rice before, so I learned that today (and accidently made way more rice than required,,). turned out very tasty too!!

I feel like there's at least some irony involved in me being not only a candlemaker that can't handle the smell of scented candles, but also a person who knows how to craft bodycare/spa-ish stuff such as bathbombs, hand creams, body butters, lip balms, etc yet can't stand the feel of them on my skin so I never use them

as well as being an amateur jewelrymaker (wireweaving) that literally never wears jewelry and yet, I keep on making it, hording my tiny pile of shinies like a dragon.

IDK if we've all been in quarantine long enough yet for this to be useful to anyone or not but if you're craving smth sweet but only have random ingredients laying around you can make your own kinda-reeses as long as you have powdered sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate chips

dump some powdered sugar in a bowl, dump a glob of peanut butter in with it, and get it there with your hands and mix it all together until it forms a workable not-too-sticky dough. taste on occasion, adding more powdered sugar until you hit desired sweetness levels. roll the dough into balls and stick em on a plate or smth and pop them in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes so they'll firm up a bit.

throw some parchment paper or wax paper on a pan or a new plate, melt yourself some chocolate (milk chocolate and white chocolate both work great, I haven't tried dark chocolate or semi-sweet because I can't stand the taste but they're chocolate, it'd still work), and start rolling the peanut butter balls in it to coat them in chocolate. yes, you will cover your hands in chocolate doing this. stick em in the fridge to firm up, check back in five minutes or until outer coat is firm, and eat.

you could probably mix nuts in the peanut-butter dough if you wanted, or switch out different nut butters. I don't know how well they'd turn out tho.

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what if I just do Everything

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I have woven 1/3rd of a copper ring, paced the length of my room roughly fifty times, gotten suddenly and violently sidetracked with thoughts of nebulous concepts for future projects, followed it with the sudden realization that I haven't completed a project for like over a year, and none of this has satisfied me.

like 1/2 the computer work finished, got a tray of plants transplanted, and the rain stopped for a bit so I was able to head out and check my garden as a brain break :D

okay, back to work!

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oh god

I've spent three hours working on this post/article and now it won't finish saving

please please please don't make me rewrite the whole thing I will cry

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oh god

I've spent three hours working on this post/article and now it won't finish saving

please please please don't make me rewrite the whole thing I will cry

@soft-nomad my mom loves geneology and actually went looking for where our ancestors came from a couple years back and it was so cool!!
I do have a lot of ancestors that came from england (not sure where specifically?? I'd have to go hunting through the crates of old family stuff), and also germany!! the german's on my mom's paternal line, pretty sure most of the rest came from somewhere over in england. we've got a mix of other stuff in us, but it's mostly those two (as far as I know).

babushka asked:

do you have any favorite plants or do you just love them all?

I love them ALL aaaAAA

I do have some I def. favor above others tho- I would die for heirloom climbing roses, squash are just a delight and a joy to grow, and ohhh lavender is just a heavenly plant in every possible way...

I could keep going on for ages but I'll cut myself off here lol

soft-nomad asked:

I see that you're from Appalachia. Do you like folk music? I like indie folk. Also do you know vampireapologist aka Mallaidh Anne? she's from there too

oh man my brother would disown me in a heartbeat for saying this but I've got a weakness for certain kinds of folk music. mostly stuff by the oh hellos lol.

grow by the oh hellos is one of my favorite songs and I regularly listen to it on loop!
I know of vampireapologist! I followed her for a while back when I was still on tumblr. we never interacted, but she always had cool content!

also it's raining out and I have a ton of mind-numbingly boring work to do on the computer today so if anyone has questions/wants to chat/whatever feel free to drop an ask, I will basically owe you my nonexistent firstborn for breaking this hellish monotony

aaaand last night marks the first night I've been able to leave the brassicas out in the cold frame overnight!! one step closer to being able to actually being able to plant them out in the garden :D

Secret Santa gift from an exchange on Discord!

did 4 pages of flowers and leaves between these two attempts. think they helped :)

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Skansen Kronan - 21.03.20

Some background practice, animal crossing inspired

The miniatures of the day are : a red coffee table, a tiny cat-shaped foam latte art in a white cup, light pink lilies in a pot, and a white and wooden hourglass

I went off to go tally up all the indoor starts (for label-making purposes) all proud of myself for not going overboard and being very restrained with my seedstarting this year, especially for the tomatoes, but



look, in my defense, last year I had like 500 plants inside total, compared to that 338 isn't actually that bad

(let's just ignore the part where I'm starting a second batch to fill out low numbers in a few days shall we)

(and the part where I literally have 99 tomato plants in my room right now and here in a few days it's absolutely going to be over 100)

(and the part where I didn't even count the rest of my alpine strawberries and half of my pansies because they're too crowded for me to get a good count and I'll just have to figure out how many I have once I get in there and detangle them)

aaaand we've got our first local case of corona lads

nobody in this house is leaving our land for the next however long if it means we have to start eating the trees I swear

and I'm being literal, here, there are three people with varying levels of foraging experience in this house and we are planning on using foraging alongside the garden to help stretch out our food supply. anybody wanna snack on a spicebush twig?

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It's funny to think about how so many people look at hummingbirds and just think they're cute and adorable harmless little birds, but the Aztec looked at them and saw how down to fight they were and went and named their god of war and human sacrifice "Huitzilopochli" which roughly translates to "Hummingbird on the left."