drifting in the breeze

| I will turn any living space in which I inhabit into a jungle just watch me |


it was 80 degrees outside today and I spent almost all of it outside wearing flip-flops it was wonderful

first pic's the current hardening-off station, since the cold frame went up to 98 degrees without being closed what even. I apparently have many many more brassicas that I thought I had planted?? I thought I had no more than 13 total but I go and count em up and I end with a total of 27. ¯(ツ)

(also still camping out here from a while back are lavender, celery, some mint that will 100% be planted only in pots that leave no possible chance of escape.)

second and third are my lovely little micro toms!! (also starring a dead leaf I need to get rid of oops) they're like 4-5 inches tall, blooming all over the place, and starting to set tiny tomatoes!! I love this variety asdfghjkl they don't make much but they're so cute :D

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