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I feel like I must be in an even more deeper rural situation than I think I am, because I'm raiding yet another book (this one on being frugal) for ideas of things to do around here and was passing over a lot of things because 'this doesn't apply to me, this is like, city-and-town people stuff.' because, you know, that's just what you expect if you go 800 pages in and find not a single mention of foraging early spring greens for salads, or saving money by chopping wood for your woodstove from fallen trees in the nearby woods, and barely two tiny bits about growing a portion of your food to help ease up on the grocery bill, right??

turns out, the woman who wrote the book lived in the rural countryside at the time of writing?? I know this book is over 30 years old and things have absolutely changed from then but. I am confusion.

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