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all tomatoes + peppers finally planted, it took forever but it's DONE

also planted balsam, snapdragons, calendula, some extra small late brassicas (prob. too late in the season but we'll see), butterfly peas, sakata's sweet melons, tommy apple melons, cucumbers, luffa gourds, and jack be little pumpkins. this has used up almost every last bit of my current garden space- it's reduced from last year since my dad's decided he wanted to overhaul the garden and put paths and stuff all throughout it (not a bad change! it just made all of my plans from earlier in the year completely unapplicable ahaha)- so I'm stuck waiting for a while longer before I can plant my corn and the rest of my squash.

and on that note, I'm ready to take a hot shower and to sleep for a week now, please and thank you

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