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I'm bored and curious tell me your most hated fabric(s)

my top three are denim, corduroy, and that nasty fake-silk stuff that's just pure polyester

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fake fur is my #1 worst texture-feel, but i cant stand any "snotty" fabrics or fabrics with scratchy stuff like sequins or tinsel either :v

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fake silk is... v bad. also all fake very soft fabrics like velour are bad. except velvet, velvet is good

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That cheap, like, plastic-y vinyl stuff they use in cheap rain jackets makes my limbs retract into my body like a tortise

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Fake silk for myself (although I love it for my dolls but it just feels nasty), jean, and the 90%polyester 10% cotton stuff often used for the inner layers of cheap sweatshirts

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fake silk, chiffon and velour

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