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if your mom showed your aunt some prototype stickers you made but you scrapped them and now she more or less told her youd make them for her but you don't have the file anymore because they were test stickers and I wasnt happy with them so now you have to make more clap your hands



Forest Study

Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/jFCViYFYcus

Wanted to focus on creating depth within a piece and it really expanded into this study of hue and saturation. Spend only about a hour on this bc its something I did before jetting off to work.

star-rice -

Obligatory self-reblog

Reflection under the cut

So this was what I went on to do after writing the anti-capitalism post which honestly? The time constraint I think helped a bit. I really really wasnt expecting to get something far enough to show off! I had a hard cut hour to work on what I was gonna work on and for the large part did not get distracted at all.

This was all done free hand off the reference. I loved the red and purple hues in the dirt. Thats what drew me in after I realized I love the atmosphere in piece. So I kind of started there. It was so fun realizing where I needed to push the hues to get them to look as vibrant as they are. The foreground greenery with the deep shadows needed to be pushed very blue. Most of the piece gained a lot of saturation in those shadows. The warmer colors needed to be pushed cooler but not in a way I was used to? I usually just push the saturation down if I need something relatively colder but with the entirity of this piece, that usually meant wiggling the hue more often than not. And the piece imo still turned out very very warm? Green is one of those colors I can never really think of as cool since it has so much vibrancy, especially when its used in such a highly saturated manner.

One thing that I very slowly realized was how I was using contrast in the piece. The foreground is so much darker than the farther back layers and sure, now that I'm thinking about it "of course it is! thats how you create atmosphere" but when you're essentially recreating an already excellently composed piece of art (ie, decisions have already been made for you) you don't quite realize that until you're doing the thing (which is why you study like this). And i'll just be forever in awe of that process.

I could have spent probably 2 full hours detailing. I had plans in diff places to add more or do this that or the other stuff, but Im extremely happy with how this turned out. I'm incredibly pleased with the variation in tree color that ended up in there. I thought this might look careless of me (bc it spawned from me not color picking as much (which is good)) but the variety goes so far in breaking any monotony that might have settled in. I wish I would have extended this to the greenery more than I did (its all mostly the same base green with not too different shadows).

Overall this was such a fun thing to do. On a personal level i always feel like its so hard to find that place where you can objectively work on a piece. So often I'm stunted by anxiety or lack of energy. Its hard to ease yourself into that middle ground where "we are working and this is that process" in which you can let negative feelings and thoughts fall to the side if they happen to come up.

Stepping back from this piece and immediately having to go to work was weird, but honestly? I was so fucking caught up in how good it felt to have something I wanted to show off (because god am I happy with it. Im impressed with mysel and its one of those moments where you remember "oh yeah this takes skill and practice and i have come so fucking far in my life" ). I walked away from it feeling like I could breathe again? As if somehow I couldn't before? Maybe thats a sideeffect of me working on it so feverishly, but it felt way more like I'd found my proficiency in art again? I thrive off that shit, feeling capable and proficient, like I can tackle anything thrown my way. Backgrounds have always scared the shit out of me and, dont get me wrong, I'm nowhere near able to handle anything in that regard, but its like I found the path to lead me in that direction.

At the very least, studies like this are like adding a tool to your box. You can always pull from past experiences to help inform a new piece. Have enough and you can generally mix and match and create some crazy shit thats just a fussion of previous pieces. The cherry on top is if you can reach past that surface level and be even more transformative with your skills (theres absolutely no hard line between the two).

I feel like this was a kinda easy way to start getting into background practice. This was by no means a stress test. It felt more like flexing muslces I hadn't employed in a long while in a way I was mostly familiar with. Still I learned a lot and there was so much more that I remembered and pulled to the forefront of my brain (mostly color theory, composition, etc etc)

I did this one in my college drawing class and always liked it. Once again, don't know the date because I didn't write it down *eye twitch*

robot -

this was for that style-bending art challenge! basically, i asked my art friends what things were distinct for my style and i had to create a piece of art without any of them. they said blocky and painterly brush strokes, the colors red and blue and brown, and people. came up with this in the end- there are some bluish and brownish shades, but they're almost all just fun uses of greys, dark yellows, and the surrounding colors. the closest i got to brown was a khaki beige-ish color.

lina -

Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

babushka -

why is it like that?

lina -

it was an artwork installation. a tree had died naturally so instead of removing it an artist drilled patterns in it!

i posted it on tumblr before, but you WILL look at my ocs

mcatnip -

bringing back the C U B E

wings are INCREDIBLY fun but boy do they become even more fun when you actually use reference photos

another 30 min art exercise, this time with a moon and some clouds

original photo

rah -

There was a ghibli redraw trend on twitter, and I was cool with it until I came across this still shot from Howl's Moving Castle and felt compelled for a week. This took me a total of 18 hours, and I must stop looking at it or else I will keep rendering it to oblivion. Good study! Good fun and healing. Here's the original.

Tiny Hercules beetle on canvas with cheap Posca knock-off

Not too bad for a first try~☆

fallow -

drew this a while ago but its still one o my faves...

unicorns -

[Image description: a drawing of a humanoid plant. The plant is blue and green with orange antennae, tail and leaves emerging from the neck. The plant has four arms and is sitting down on a chair playing guitar. The plant has orange-tinted glasses and is winking with one eye and smiling. The background is white with a circle behind the plant. The circle is orange furthest out but has a gradient of red, brown and green furthest in. End image description.]

Space dragon

They say there are dragons in space. Hidden in the darkest places in the galaxy, beings as old as the stars. They say they are born in nebulae and die as supernovae, and that the spationaut who catches their eyes will travel in space without fear, for the dragons will protect them. No one has ever seen one, and no one will, as they are made of legends and dreams. But sometimes, when gazing at the stars, one cannot help but feel the stars gaze back.

Kinda old illustration I made of a space dragon for my story. Spationauts have many myths and legends about space, but this is the most known one.