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babushka asked:

do you have any favorite plants or do you just love them all?

I love them ALL aaaAAA

I do have some I def. favor above others tho- I would die for heirloom climbing roses, squash are just a delight and a joy to grow, and ohhh lavender is just a heavenly plant in every possible way...

I could keep going on for ages but I'll cut myself off here lol

@babushka yes and they're beautiful!!!
I don't have any pictures of my own right now but here's a | few links | to some | pictures of just how colorful chicken eggs can naturally be!
you can actually specifically buy chicks called 'easter egg' chickens in hatcheries that carry the genes for laying blue and green eggs since people do specifically want them in many cases, and you can get olive eggs too if you find someone selling chicks whose flock has the genetics for it!

babushka asked:


🌲 - Do you have any fond memories specifically involving trees?

yes!! one specifically, years ago I spent an entire fall evening scrambling around underneath the old chestnut tree up on the hill- it was lightly drizzling rain, the only sounds were birdsong and the gentle pattering of the rain. I was collecting fallen chestnuts, prying them from their spikey coverings, filling my pockets with them. it's still such a vivid memory I can remember the way my fingers and the tip of my nose were tingling, the little dots of cold raindrops that slid through the yet-to-fall leaves, and that perfect woodsy-fall-rain smell. just me and the rain and the tree. no stress, no pressures, just birdsong and pockets full of chestnuts.

I love that memory. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

🍏 - What are your top three favorite fruits?

1. pomegranates!! top favorite, a rare treat

2. wineberries! a wild patch grows in our yard. far superior to raspberries in my opinion

3. and peaches! perfectly ripe peaches, still sun-warmed...

🌙 - Have you ever seen a night-blooming flower?

I haven't yet, but I DID get my hands on dragonfruit seeds, which are supposed to be night-bloomers!! so hopefully it's only a matter of time!

babushka asked:

why do people eat watermelon with salt

I have no idea and personally find it horrific, but my mother and brother refuse to eat it without it, and every single person on my mother's side of the family do it too. also my grandmother on my father's side.

I think it's supposed to balance out the sweetness?? I can't see it, the one time I tried it I had to spit it out. nasty.

babushka asked:

wishing you some nice bone recovery

thank u!

babushka asked:

tri matroloooood tralalalalala (sorry i love this song in all its different interpretations)

it's such a good song and I can't believe I forgot about it asdfghjkl

babushka asked:

Star vs. Forces of Evil for the ask meme

Star vs. Forces of Evil: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why

okay so, this is probably a weird choice, but you know how sometimes you get those characters with their superpower being just. ridiculously good reflexes? can balance on super tiny footholds, sprint around without snapping their ankles on sharp turns, superpower basically being extreme parkour with a side of 'I can actually tell if someone's about to try punching me in the face and Not Be There when they do'?

that. I'd want that. because extreme parkour, and also it seems like the sort of handy thing that would possibly be able to stop me from wrecking myself via. my hypermobility issues quite so often.

but mostly parkour.