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haven't talked about the porch plants for a while so...

the banana trees are continuing to grow fast enough I'm somewhat worried that their roots are running out of space?? also thinking they're about ready for a good dose of fish emulsion too!

(also, my mother bought me an olive tree, which is the itty bitty little stick of green leaves right behind the front banana plant's leaves in the top pic. I don't know how big it gets so finding it a container is going to be interesting!!)

and of course, my spikey sons!!! big boys!! thinking I might have to give them their own individual pots sometime soon, because the boys are getting very crowded here! they're about a year and a half old now, I think!

aaaand batch two!!

first- I have 3 asparagus ferns and they are absolute hell to try and photograph oh my god. also lil peek of a roselle leaf (I've got 2 sprouts now!), the spider plants (which desperately need transplanting) and a mystery houseplant cutting in the red cup given to me by my grandmother!!

second- rhubarb!! only got 2 at the moment, I'm hoping for at least one more. as with everything else I ever grow, they're a heirloom variety- victoria rhubarb, to be exact.

third- my spikey sons are getting so big!!!!, the biggest boys are all in the dish, I've moved all the little ones to different pots in hopes of giving them a bit more room to try and bulk out. I'm so proud of my sons!!!


I don't know why all of a sudden people are going 'hey you want some spare plants' lately but I am living, my shelves are full and I am blessed.

a friend of my mom's apparently contacted her asking 'hey you want some spare aloes we have too many' and because she knows how deep into plant obsession her daughter has fallen she of course said yes

we were expecting maybe like... one or two baby aloes. because isn't that normally what you should expect?? 'we have a few spare aloes we're trying to get rid of do you want them' means a few, right?? right???

as you can see, that is clearly not what happened

look at those aloes. look at those ridiculously huge aloes. and the three agave plants, and that cactus I don't know the ID of, and those cute little purple flowers-!

I love them, they're beautiful, they're all my children now. my shelves are full of greenery again, like they so rightly should be.


my spikey sons!!

they're growing so well!! pretty sure they're about 7 months old now, as I believe I started their seeds back in mid-february!

hi hello have some very poorly lit pictures of some of my plants

Alice is getting so tall now??? she's over a foot and only just over two months old I'm so proud of her

the purple basil bush is, in fact, three purple basil plants in one pot but honestly I should probably separate them soon whoops. they're the ones I grew from seed and started pinching back young.

and my sons finally got an upgrade!! room for the babies to grow!!

eeeyyy I've been sick as a dog and I'm stuck on bedrest but I can finally look at a screen for like two minutes before the headaches come back so have a (phone-taken half-blurred) picture of some of my spikey sons!!

and just for good measure...

... have more baby succulents!! bby lithops and monilaria moniliforme, didn't write down the planting date but I think they should be about two months old now!

(plants in the back are alpine strawberries; both pics taken directly after watering about a week ago)

marvusxoloto asked:

oh hai. what kinda cacti do you got sprouting, and do they have names? :3c

they're the cacti mixed seed pack from baker creek (rareseeds.com)!! right now they're so tiny I don't have a hope of IDing them and the packet didn't say what was inside, sadly. so no names yet, official or nicknames- though there is one that's off on his own that recovered from an accidental toothpick stabbing, and has therefore earned the name 'Roy'.

In related news; did you know that more often than not, when you buy seeds, you actually get more than the packet says, since it's more of a minimum-seed-count sort of thing?

And sometimes- in rare, extreme cases- it may in fact hold many more than the packet tells you it will?

As in, it is entirely possible that one may purchase a packet of mixed cactus seeds for curiosity's sake- and having heard cacti are tricky to grow from seed, shrug to herself and decide to simply plant the entire packet, assuming that while there's clearly more than the minimum seed number of 25, as printed on the back, it's highly unlikely they'll all live or even sprout, so it should be fine, right?

And then, two/three months later when one goes to make a proper count of them, it may in fact turn out that almost every single one of those seeds ended up germinating for a final total of exactly 80 baby cacti; which, while delightful, means one will eventually need to find places for every one of these tiny spikey boys?

Not now- not while each, individually, is about the size of a large pea and only just starting to get their spikes-

-but still they grow, slow yet steady, as time marches on.

The future ever looms ahead; and it is full of spikes.