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I made fried rice!!

I'm pretty proud of myself lol, eggs and bacon both scare me and this recipe had both in it. I've also never cooked rice before, so I learned that today (and accidently made way more rice than required,,). turned out very tasty too!!




do I have pictures?? no. because after three hours of cooking and crushing and mixing and stirring and fretting, when this thing finally came out the oven I was hit with a wave of absolute exhaustion and overcome with the urge to eat supper already. in other words- I totally forgot.


it is done. it is made. the beast formed of pecans and sugar, created by my own hands, resides now in my grandmother's refrigerator to await the morning.

while there is a 90% chance the syrup of the topping might have fused the springform pan to itself- I am at peace with this. my mother's long-ago request for her birthday has been fulfilled to the best of my ability. there is nothing else I can do to ensure the success of this infuriatingly complex cheesecake. if it's fused, well, spoons exist!

I have everything I need to make my mom's birthday cheesecake/weapon of doom except for the graham crackers for the crust

I have to make this thing tomorrow so it can chill overnight up at the grandmother's so hopefully he can even find any???

rainbow chard recipe

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posting my mom's rainbow chard recipe for @crownedwithwisteria!

was legit surprised when someone told me chard was one of those "bitter dark leafy greens" bc ive only had it this way

also i know it's vague, that's because it's very forgiving. just adjust the amounts until they seem right. you almost definitely put in plenty of honey the first time.

ingredience & implements:

  • chard (4-6 stems?)

  • apple cider vinegar

  • water

  • honey

  • cast iron pan

  • knife and cutting board

  • implement with which to stir & taste (spatula spoon or fork)

    chop the part of the stems that doesn't have any leaf on it off. cut up and put in pan.

roll the leaf part around the stem and cut up to make long ribbons of leaf. like spaghetti. put aside.

sautee the stems-only portion in water.

do them first bc they take longer to cook than the leaves. once they start to seem kinda cooked, add the leafs

add a splash* of apple cider vinegar and a bit of honey**. taste.

if you added to much vinegar, add water and simmer off/pour off excess. poke at it and taste and adjust until the stems seem done and it tastes right

due to the apple cider vinegar being acidic, that will also draw additional iron out of the pan and so you get even more iron for your iron. i heard you like iron so i put some iron in your iron.

*no more than a teaspoon probably

**no more than a 1/2 teaspoon probably

"This or That" Food Edition

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For anyone to do, just answer in the tags what you'd pick!

Cake or Pie? Coffee or Tea? Pasta or Pizza? Cereal or Oatmeal? Baking or Cooking? Pancakes or Waffles? Ice Cream or Popsicles? Soda/Pop or Sparkling Water? Milkshakes or Smoothies? Cinnamon or Peppermint? Gummy Candy or Hard Candy? Chocolate Chip Cookies or Sugar Cookies?

Cutthroat Kitchen or Chopped?