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Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

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Botaniska Trädgården, Göteborg - 10.07.19

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fun fact of the day the california poppy reproduces by making these really long seed pods when theyre done flowering and then the seed pods explode scattering their seeds everywhere

i think theyr neat

[id: photo of four long greenish-brown plant pods set on a gray surface. Three of them are lying side by side and one of them is apart from the rest. This one has partially split open to reveal a row of round black seeds lined up inside it. One seed has fallen out and is sitting near the pod. end id.]

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#those are what california poppy seed pods look like?? #wow they look WAY different from the seed pods of the poppies I've got growing in the side garden #so cool!! :D

oh neat, what do your poppies look like?

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it's dark out so I only have the pics off my phone from a few days ago but for the flowers themselves:

and the seedpods look like this, but when they're completely ripe/have mature seed they turn brown:

they're a mother-of-pearl poppy seed mix! so far I've had red, white, and kind of a peachy-pink pop up. each flower only lasts for about a day or two, but they're lovely while they're here!

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Botaniska Trädgården, Göteborg - 10.07.19

last one for now! my mom's double peony bushes are blooming- they're very small bushes, but according to her they were given to me by my great-grandfather, and are probably around 50 years old!

First Flower

Can I interest you in a baby? Our first flower to fully bloom this year.

found some wild lily of the valley flowers under the iris tree! :D

not gonna lie, my first thought was absolutely of animal crossing. also, I had no idea until now that lily of the valley just grows wild basically all throughout appalachia?? so that was a really cool discovery to make! :D

City Hall Flowers

I can't remember but I think the last pic is from our city hall. I don't know where else I could have gone to take pics lmao

Service des Travaux Publics (Public Works Services)

Had to include these. Most of the garden pics from our home were comissioned by my dad for a website. I can't remember if it was McGill or not who wanted those but for PW I took these on my own and just for my protection I removed the name of the city because this is near where I live.

Front Garden

These are some pics from a few years ago of our front garden. I can't remember if these were from both or just one because we have two garden in front.

it's so deliciously spring-y out right now I love it

daffodils are starting to fade out a bit, but there's still some blooming in the bulb patch I started the winter before last! :D

Johnny Jump Ups! (Technically a type of miniature pansy.) They grow everywhere at my grandma's--even in the cracks in the sidewalk!

One of my grandma's peonies. The bushes are huge and are like, 50-60 years old.