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p. sure this is like. a collective 20+ lbs of melons here

from left to right- sakata's sweet muskmelon, sugar baby watermelon, and desert king watermelon!

for size reference, the sakata's sweet melon is about the size of an apple. these things take f o r e v e r to ripen!! muskmelons aren't as tricky as watermelons for me but hhhh I can already tell I'm going to have to make a point of giving them space to themselves without anything that can compete with them. because the luffa vine has basically gone feral and eaten all the cantalope vines.

on the bright side, it looks like I'll be harvesting lots of luffas come frost-time??

lil baby jack-be-little pumpkins <3

also bonus:

a very good girl got curious :3 taken right before I had to pull these out of reach so she wouldn't take one XD

the further in summer we go, the heavier the basket gets!

top picture's actually from a few days ago, I just wanted to include a good image of the cucumbers and pepper(s) we're getting sdfghjkl

the tomatoes are delicious and I have no idea what kind they are because I, the grandest fool, forgot to label them. yes, I'm kicking myself over it. but sweet, sun-warmed tomatoes with that perfect burst of coolness in the center... hhhh I missed garden-fresh tomatoes so much!!

eyyyy harvest pic anyone??

everything here was harvested straight from my garden today and yesterday!

basket is full of jalapeno peppers, the other peppers on the plate and counter are a mix of sweet banana peppers, cayenne peppers, more jalapenos, sweet chocolate peppers, and some mystery peppers I can't ID. carrots are black nebula, cosmic purple, and jaune de aubre. bowl of cherry tomatoes are all rosella tomatoes, and yes, despite the greenish tinge on top, they are perfectly ripe! pumpkins are small sugar pumpkins.