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lina -

O' tomato goddess @crownedwithwisteria please help diagnose what's wrong with this baby :(

crownedwithwisteria -

okay so usually when my tomatoes aren't growing well the problem's normally in the soil. since they've gone purple, I want to say there might be a phosphorus/potassium deficiency there?

(courtesy cut for length)

stunting and purple leaves can also be caused by the seedlings being too cold- are they close to a window, or an air condition unit, or anwhere where they might be hit by a draft while leaving the unaffected tomatoes untouched? warmth seriously goes a long way with tomatoes, I've found they really take off if you let them grow in 75-80 F enviroments but once you hit 50-60 F or below they slow down and start struggling more. temps below 60 F are known to cause purpling and stunting in tomatoes, too, so that's def. something to look into.

personally speaking, I'd try to transplant the seedlings into fresh soil and give them one good dose of diluted fish emulsion, maybe moving their growing location if possible, because they're def. lacking something, esp. if they were planted back in january and they're still baby like this.

if you do try transplanting/fish emulsion you can also spray some diluted fish emulsion on the leaves to try and help them green up, but even just transplanting and moving the plants somewhere warmer might make a difference! it would probably take a week or so to kick in after transplanting to tell, though.

if you can only pick one to do, though, I'd do the fish emulsion at the very least- looking at them, I really, really want to say that they're missing out on nutrients, since they're not crowded, it looks like your soil is deep enough, and I don't see any signs of pests anywhere on the leaves. the fish emulsion will give them a good dose of overall nutrients to work with and it should kick in pretty fast compared to other fertilizers. it's nasty-smelling stuff, but it works!

they don't look dead, just like they're having a rough time of it! if you try everything and none of it helps, let me know, I'll go a-hunting for any other possibilities!