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if I was an npc in a farming game like harvest moon/stardew valley/rune factory I would want to be a shopkeeper that just sells weird seeds you can't get anywhere else in the game

your farm looks completely normal until you find me up in the mountains at 2 am on a clear thursday night in spring. give it a week. you now have dubious pumpkin seeds that have a slight chance of producing a cursed pumpkin which sends occasional cackling sounds across your fields as it grows. seeds to grow that ice rose from rf3 in winter, but it melts in summer and you have to wait for it to resprout itself in fall to bloom in winter once more. a hot pepper that makes quiet ominous hissing noises. a foxglove made of something that looks like mirror shards but it reflects nothing. I am not a romanceable character but if you get my friendship points up high enough I give you a single head of perfectly ordinary cabbage but it's cursed to respawn in your inventory every morning.

you may break the curse on the cabbage, but if you talk to me again after you do I give you another one automatically.