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Målsryd - 23.07.19

fields and flowers

I took a quick walk today and remembered to take my camera with me so I have many plant pictures now!

first pic's a redbud tree that had lots of seedpods on it I'm planning on harvesting this fall!! I'm determined to get my seedlings for my food forest!!

second pic is a lilac bush's seed pods!! I'm hoping I can catch the harvest for them too and see if I can get me some seed-started lilacs!!

you could tell just how high the water had gone by which parts of the ground still had leaves on it and what was just mud and it made some weirdly clear lines that looked really cool!

I climbed a lot of steep hills today and I can so tell I'm out of practice because my legs are like jelly XD I missed doing stuff like this! I wish it hadn't started raining on us, I wanted to stay for longer!

the two pictures that were supposed to be on the messed up post + another little waterfall

creek pictures 4/13/2020

pictures taken on the walk down when the sun showed up for a brief moment :D

there's normally only a trickle of water in the little ravines in the last two pictures, and none at all in the first- that first one is all run-off.

little side-creek that's usually just a trickle has a full-blown mini waterfall going on now!

creek pictures 4/13/2020

please tell me I'm not the only one who looks at this rotting stump and sees a skull with flowers growing out of one eye socket because I saw this out the corner of my eye at first and it was my immediate first thought.

plant/nature/something emoji ask game

🍎 - Have you ever visited an orchard?

🍏 - What are your top three favorite fruits?

🍐 - What are your three least favorite fruits?

🍇 - Have you ever made jam, jelly, or preserves from fresh produce?

🍒 - Are there any fruits or vegetables or other edible plants you could snack on all day and never get tired of?

🍓 - Have you ever visited a farmer’s market? If you grow things, have you ever sold at one?

🌰 - Are there any nut trees you’ve noticed in your area? What are they?

🌱 - Do you grow any plants? If so, where (garden? potted plants? allotment?) and what do you grow? If not, do you ever plan to?

🌲 - Do you have any fond memories specifically involving trees?

🌳 - Do you like the woods? Have you ever hiked or camped in them?

🌴 - Have you ever tried to grow a tree from a seed?

🌵 - Do you like succulents and/or cacti? Do you have a favorite?

🌷 - Do you have a favorite flower?

🌸 - Do you have any flowering trees in your area? When do they bloom?

🌹 - Have you ever planted flower bulbs?

🌺 - Do you have a favorite tropical flower?

🌻 - Do you eat plant seeds, such as sunflower, watermelon, or pumpkin seeds? If so, how do you eat them?

🌼 - Do you dry, press, or otherwise preserve flowers and other plants?

🌽 - Have you ever shucked an ear of corn?

🌾- Have you ever tried to weave a basket from plants before? If so, what did you use? If not, would you ever be interested in trying?

🌿 - What’s your favorite scented plant? Is it an herb? A flower? What do you like about it?

🍀 - Is finding four-leaf clovers easy or hard for you?

🍁 - Do you like autumn?

🍂 - Are there any plants you have a soft spot for?

🍃 - Do you have any future plant/garden ambitions/plans/goals?

🍄 - What’s the feelings on mushrooms? Do you like them? Do you eat them? Would you ever try to grow your own?

🍅 - How do you eat your tomatoes? Do you snack on cherries? Only eat them cooked and in other dishes? Eat entire beefsteak tomatoes raw directly out the garden?

🍆 - Are there any edible plants you physically cannot stand and refuse to eat?

🍉 - Do you eat your watermelon with salt or without?

🍊 - Do you like the smell of citrus?

🍍 - Have you ever tried to grow things from store produce?

🎃 - Do you like carving pumpkins?

🎄 - What plants do you, personally, consider festive/celebratory?

☔ - What’s the climate like in your area?

🌙 - Have you ever seen a night-blooming flower?