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what no I totally didn't crop that last pic weird in order to block out the empty sad unplanted part of the garden I have no idea what you're talking about

first pic- radish seedlings!! I think!! I've never grown radishes before or seen them in the process of growing but these spouts are only popping up where I planted the seed mix so I'm very hopeful!

second pic- first alpine strawberry bloom of the year!! I've got like 20 more babies inside to add to these year-old ones but they're going to need more growing time, they're still too baby to be outside.

third pic- my garlic bed!! as far as I can tell they just... didn't go dormant over the winter for some reason? so they're way bigger than they should be right now but I'm hardly complaining!!

other stuff happening in the garden today that I just didn't get pictures of/there was no way to get actually decent looking pics of include me finally planting my potatoes, planting sweet peas, the actual edible peas all deciding to germinate (finally aaa I was getting worried!!), some sprouts that are probably lettuce germinating, the red clover I sowed as a cover crop sending up sprouts everywhere, and sowing a little border of poppy seeds along the back of the fence we have protecting the peas :D

it was 80 degrees outside today and I spent almost all of it outside wearing flip-flops it was wonderful

first pic's the current hardening-off station, since the cold frame went up to 98 degrees without being closed what even. I apparently have many many more brassicas that I thought I had planted?? I thought I had no more than 13 total but I go and count em up and I end with a total of 27. ¯(ツ)

(also still camping out here from a while back are lavender, celery, some mint that will 100% be planted only in pots that leave no possible chance of escape.)

second and third are my lovely little micro toms!! (also starring a dead leaf I need to get rid of oops) they're like 4-5 inches tall, blooming all over the place, and starting to set tiny tomatoes!! I love this variety asdfghjkl they don't make much but they're so cute :D

they grow!!

cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, rhubarb, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, basil, artichokes, parsley, snapdragons, canturbury bells, calendula, pansies, st. john's wort, bee balm, feverfew aaaand alpine strawberries all growing on these shelves!

also the apple tree seedling's been moved up a pot size, lemon trees are now in actual containers instead of makeshift ones from water bottles, and the roselle, hollyhocks, peanuts and thyme are absent from these pictures because they're currently battling pests and I'm trying to keep the invasion from spreading.

lina -

O' tomato goddess @crownedwithwisteria please help diagnose what's wrong with this baby :(

crownedwithwisteria -

okay so usually when my tomatoes aren't growing well the problem's normally in the soil. since they've gone purple, I want to say there might be a phosphorus/potassium deficiency there?

(courtesy cut for length)

stunting and purple leaves can also be caused by the seedlings being too cold- are they close to a window, or an air condition unit, or anwhere where they might be hit by a draft while leaving the unaffected tomatoes untouched? warmth seriously goes a long way with tomatoes, I've found they really take off if you let them grow in 75-80 F enviroments but once you hit 50-60 F or below they slow down and start struggling more. temps below 60 F are known to cause purpling and stunting in tomatoes, too, so that's def. something to look into.

personally speaking, I'd try to transplant the seedlings into fresh soil and give them one good dose of diluted fish emulsion, maybe moving their growing location if possible, because they're def. lacking something, esp. if they were planted back in january and they're still baby like this.

if you do try transplanting/fish emulsion you can also spray some diluted fish emulsion on the leaves to try and help them green up, but even just transplanting and moving the plants somewhere warmer might make a difference! it would probably take a week or so to kick in after transplanting to tell, though.

if you can only pick one to do, though, I'd do the fish emulsion at the very least- looking at them, I really, really want to say that they're missing out on nutrients, since they're not crowded, it looks like your soil is deep enough, and I don't see any signs of pests anywhere on the leaves. the fish emulsion will give them a good dose of overall nutrients to work with and it should kick in pretty fast compared to other fertilizers. it's nasty-smelling stuff, but it works!

they don't look dead, just like they're having a rough time of it! if you try everything and none of it helps, let me know, I'll go a-hunting for any other possibilities!

Mimosa Plant

I got it to bloom >:O smol

I've got ~8 & 1/2 active flats going, got my hands on some maybe-dead but maybe-alive bleeding hearts crowns and planted them, and also finally got out into the garden with my early-season seeds and planted several patches of peas, radishes lettuce, spinach, borage, carrots, nasturtiums, a few bachelor's buttons, some chamomile, a little bit of chickweed, and some forget-me-nots! and tossed a lil bit of crimson clover around as an experiment :D

hopefully they'll all come up, some of the seeds are on the older side so, as always, I continue to fret lol. I still need to find a little place to plant my poppy seeds!! I got this really pretty heirloom mix called mother-of-pearl and I really really hope I can get them to germinate!! :D

Johnny Jump Ups! (Technically a type of miniature pansy.) They grow everywhere at my grandma's--even in the cracks in the sidewalk!

I'm not going to go overkill on the tomatoes this year, I tell myself

I've learned my lesson, I say, tipping a few more old seeds into the tray just in case

I know how to have restraint now, I declare, completely failing to show any restraint at all by sticking five fresh tomato seeds into one tray segment without a second thought

this year I did try starting all my seeds a bit later than last year just because they got so huge before but honestly, next year I'm starting them all in early january because they're all just. so tiny right now

mmm spider mites seem to be this year's particular curse

I've mostly booted them off the plumeria, but they're all over the lemon trees, the apple tree, the pansies, and the peanuts. all I really think I can do is keep on misting them with neem/soapy water and keeping the plants well-watered until they either go away or kill the plants.

my tom thumb peas are forming pods!!

seriously if you only have like a windowsill's worth of space but want to grow something you can eat these tiny babies do so good!! full-sized pods on bitty baby plants and they taste so good raw :D

One of my grandma's peonies. The bushes are huge and are like, 50-60 years old.

lina -

Just finished planting Rosella, Brandywine, Oxheart and some extra Tigrella. The Black Krim seeds will be arriving tomorrow hopefully so we prepared pots for them as well. Now I'm just watching dad repot some flowers 💐


behold this small sample of the absolute madness I willingly inflicted upon myself last year!!

you know, I was told that spider plants have giant weird roots and yet?? I was somehow not prepared.

there's like a 95% chance I'm just gonna go ahead and start all my tomato and pepper seeds today not gonna lie

first pic is all of my tiny babies that're still under greenhouse conditions- artichokes, hollyhocks, my mini tomatoes, my grandmother's early cherry tomato, st john's wort, snapdragons, thyme, my many kinds of cabbage, broccoli, & cauliflower, my mini peas, and freshly-transplanted rhubarb that's apparently super fussy at being disturbed so it's throwing a fit rn

second pic is 3 of my 6 peanut plants!! I have more seed I'll be direct-seeding once the weather's warmed up for real but since they need 140 days to produce a crop I started a few inside as both a germination test and to have a head start just in case

aaaand lastly my baby apple tree!! started from seed from an heirloom apple (apparently they can produce true from seed? I wouldn't be bothered if it didn't tho more trees is never a bad thing here), a couple months old now and still steadily growing!

I have... so many new babies...

the lil baby sprouts in the first one are artichokes, hollyhocks, st john's wort, snapdragons, a cherry tomato my grandmother wanted me to grow for her early, my mini tomatoes, some mini peas, & all my cabbage, broccoli, & cauliflower plants I'm planning on growing this spring

second one is parsley and pansies!!! parsley on the left, pansies on the right. I got extra triple curled parsley because I think it looks a lot nicer than flatleaf lol

aaaand my grandmother gave me a cutting of one of her houseplants and neither of us know what it's called, but I finally got it to root (I think)!!! now I have to go looking up what you're supposed to do with a water-rooted cutting to get it ready for planting in soil lol

I don't have pictures of them right now, but the asparagus, rhubarb, and roselle babies are all still doing well and growing away!! I also started some peanuts inside as a germination test and they've taken off like crazy. and as for the trees, lemon babies and my sole, lone apple tree are constantly getting bigger!!