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got to pick up my succulents from the botanical garden today!!

this seemed like an interesting set-up! too bad I don't have free windowspace to test it out tho XD

oh ye since I forgot to earlier- check out my new babies!! 3 molokai purple sweet potatoes (super dark purple all the way through the potato!!), 2 truely tiny bananas (they grow like... 6 ft I think it was and produce actual tiny edible bananas), 2 turmeric plants and 2 ginger plants!!

also the agave chilling in the corner's been there it's just there to save it from cats. they hate it for some reason, I don't know why and I don't know how to make them stop biting holes in it/breaking it. why are cats like this.

28 tomats planted,, 6 peppers. beans soaking for sowing tomorrow. also 2 brassicas had to be transplanted from their comfy spot because they were in the way of my dad's path he was making and they're throwing a hissy fit at being disturbed. hopefully they'll bounce back??

asdfghjkl I wanted to get more done today but it was TOO HOT and I had to keep ducking back inside so I wouldn't keel over from the heat DX I carried so many buckets of compost today but I am somehow?? not in pain??

also I forgot to post it here but I ended up doing a massive splurge (massive for me,, listen I am broke mostly and do not have many moneys almost ever) back around when I ordered my turmeric, ginger, bananas and extra sweet potatoes and ended up getting 8 heirloom roses because I'm weak and while most of those are very very baby there's one that's getting big buds on it ready to bloom and I'm very excited about that!!

*unholy keening because it's STILL too cold to plant things the weather needs to get it together already hhhhh*

my peppers keep trying to bloom like babies no you're not even a foot tall yet you need to w a i t

why would you want a floor when instead you could have PLANTS

tomatoes, peppers, three kinds of basil, job's tears, hollyhocks, gypsophilia, three kinds of calendula, butterfly peas, more rhubarb and asparagus because you can never have enough, cucumbers, spilanthes, black-eyed susans, carnations, balsam, more canterbury bells, snapdragons, and white marigolds! also my lil lemon trees :3

peppers keep trying to put out flowers, probably because they really need transplanting but we're so close to being able to plant warm-weather stuff out I'm basically just begging them to hold on until then so I don't end up wasting potting soil. tomatoes haven't yet, but I know they really need out too, they're stretching a bit since they're way too tall to go under the lights now and they're absolutely getting rootbound at this point :/ oh well!

ngl I am a lil disappointed with myself for not managing the same amount of plants as last year, but I've also accepted that circumstances put that completely out of my control and being mad at myself for that would just be silly. that just means this year I'll have to compensate by direct-seeding a lot more outside! :D

okay so basically every single one of the scarlet runner beans I planted? germinated, growing, currently healthy little plants just growing away and this confused the heck out of me because we just had three back-to-back nights of super heavy frost which should have killed them dead, going by the information on their packet.

looked some things up, and it turns out runner beans can actually be planted out roughly two weeks before the estimated final frost date in my area?? so actually when I was planting them 'early' as an experiment I was just. planting them at exactly the right time, apparently.

so that's a mystery solved!

found some wild lily of the valley flowers under the iris tree! :D

not gonna lie, my first thought was absolutely of animal crossing. also, I had no idea until now that lily of the valley just grows wild basically all throughout appalachia?? so that was a really cool discovery to make! :D

paw paw babies starting to get back lil baby leaves!!!

these are the only two that survived both the winter and The Great Chicken Invasion and they'll be a year old in just a few months!!

Woodland Garden Gouache on paper, 2019 by Kelly Louise Judd

California Poppy

Did some watercolor poppies for the wife, @monsterlogic . These were fun to doodle. The stems and leaves for this plant are weird, but interesting.

I used Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper, A Red Pilot Color Eno pencil for the sketch, a kneaded eraser that I don't know the brand for. I inked with a Sakura Micron in 01 and did the majority of the coloring with Sakura Koi 48 pocket field sketch watercolor. I also used some Prisma Verithin pencils for some more detailed coloring. The white is a UniBall Signo in medium. I also used some Crayola glitter watercolors to add some fun sparkle to the petals.

I really want to use more of my traditional stuff this year, so fingers crossed that I do that.

creek pictures 4/13/2020

please tell me I'm not the only one who looks at this rotting stump and sees a skull with flowers growing out of one eye socket because I saw this out the corner of my eye at first and it was my immediate first thought.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

these little heads of lettus are only one day apart its amazing how quickly they grow

garden pictures! I would have gotten more but it started raining on me ¯(ツ)

first pic is my first part of my hügelkultur bed try!! this is the woody middle, I need to get some dirt and compost and kinda shake it down in the cracks of the branches and twigs. after that it's leafy debris time, then compost, then soil!

second- very unflattering garden picture lol. my red/pink potatoes are under the hay, the strawberry plants are alpine strawberries from last year, and I have a lot of brassicas mixed in with celery, rhubarb, chives, lavender, and a few non-visible onions since apparently they can all grow together without issue (and should help reduce pest load I hope)! :D I've got a raspberry bush back there that my dad planted that's throwing out a bunch of suckers I need to dig up and plant elsewhere too. I will get my raspberry hedge!!

I have more stuff growing, lettuce and peas and spinach and my attempt at radishes and stuff, just didn't get the chance to take a picture of it yet lol. next time maybe!!

last- alpine strawberry flowers up close :D

Some cool plants I saw at Yaxha.

hello!! it was stupidly cold outside today so have pictures of some of my inside babies instead!!

first pic- remember when I mentioned before that my grandmother gave me a cutting of one of her houseplants and I managed to get it to root?? it's grown from having only three leaves to this!! :D

second pic- the plumeria my aunt gave me has a lot more leaves now!! I think I need to give it a dose of fish emulsion and maybe move it to a bigger container, though.

third pic- MY SPIKEY SONS!! :D :D *wipes away a single tear* I'm so proud of them

they're getting so big now?? I still have more of them, they're all smaller and growing in different containers for spacing reasons, but!! I remember when these babies were the size of a pea with only a tiny little spray of spikes at the top when did they get so big??

I have grape hyacinths growing in my yard! I'm going to collect some to make syrup!

also I realized while dealing with all the stuff for today's Problem that I have, at minimum, spent over 1,000 hours of my life obsessively researching about gardening, permaculture, and other related topics since I started my first garden and yet I show no sign of tiring

and apparently it's paying off in unexpected ways, one such example being that today I accidently scared my mother by yelling 'WAIT I KNOW THIS' right as she was closing out of a picture she took of some pretty flowers that she hadn't seen before and didn't know the name of but I was somehow able to correctly ID them as virginia bluebells

the triumph of a successful ID,, such a sweet feeling

what no I totally didn't crop that last pic weird in order to block out the empty sad unplanted part of the garden I have no idea what you're talking about

first pic- radish seedlings!! I think!! I've never grown radishes before or seen them in the process of growing but these spouts are only popping up where I planted the seed mix so I'm very hopeful!

second pic- first alpine strawberry bloom of the year!! I've got like 20 more babies inside to add to these year-old ones but they're going to need more growing time, they're still too baby to be outside.

third pic- my garlic bed!! as far as I can tell they just... didn't go dormant over the winter for some reason? so they're way bigger than they should be right now but I'm hardly complaining!!

other stuff happening in the garden today that I just didn't get pictures of/there was no way to get actually decent looking pics of include me finally planting my potatoes, planting sweet peas, the actual edible peas all deciding to germinate (finally aaa I was getting worried!!), some sprouts that are probably lettuce germinating, the red clover I sowed as a cover crop sending up sprouts everywhere, and sowing a little border of poppy seeds along the back of the fence we have protecting the peas :D