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I feel like there's at least some irony involved in me being not only a candlemaker that can't handle the smell of scented candles, but also a person who knows how to craft bodycare/spa-ish stuff such as bathbombs, hand creams, body butters, lip balms, etc yet can't stand the feel of them on my skin so I never use them

as well as being an amateur jewelrymaker (wireweaving) that literally never wears jewelry and yet, I keep on making it, hording my tiny pile of shinies like a dragon.

clarifying where you live by calling it by the names given to it by dividing lines like states and cities? boring. instead describing the land upon which you dwell by a rare native plant that grows there or another natural feature, such as the wandering wildlife? much more interesting. bonus points for turning it mildly poetic or smth.

example: "I live where pink lady's slipper orchids dance on the woodland floor each summer." *imagine random dramatic hand gestures here*

reasons why this is more satisfying-

-unless you use a super rare plant with a tiny range you make it very hard for anyone to find you

-state and city names are very boring. who wants to say they live in state wherever or city whatsit when instead you can say mildly cryptic borderline fairytale things like "I live where loveroot grows"??

-everyone gets to live in a state of confusion where no one knows exactly where everyone else lives unless you actually end up visiting them

-you can be super dramatic about your location of dwelling just because

-I don't really know where exactly I was going with this

unscented tapered beeswax candles are the best candles because for one thing, they don't give me headaches, but also they're just. a lot of fun to make.

also so satisfying to look at once the job is done like. looking at a row of smooth golden tapers, hanging in perfect pairs over their drying poles,,, nice,,,