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@soft-nomad my mom loves geneology and actually went looking for where our ancestors came from a couple years back and it was so cool!!
I do have a lot of ancestors that came from england (not sure where specifically?? I'd have to go hunting through the crates of old family stuff), and also germany!! the german's on my mom's paternal line, pretty sure most of the rest came from somewhere over in england. we've got a mix of other stuff in us, but it's mostly those two (as far as I know).

babushka asked:

do you have any favorite plants or do you just love them all?

I love them ALL aaaAAA

I do have some I def. favor above others tho- I would die for heirloom climbing roses, squash are just a delight and a joy to grow, and ohhh lavender is just a heavenly plant in every possible way...

I could keep going on for ages but I'll cut myself off here lol

soft-nomad asked:

I see that you're from Appalachia. Do you like folk music? I like indie folk. Also do you know vampireapologist aka Mallaidh Anne? she's from there too

oh man my brother would disown me in a heartbeat for saying this but I've got a weakness for certain kinds of folk music. mostly stuff by the oh hellos lol.

grow by the oh hellos is one of my favorite songs and I regularly listen to it on loop!
I know of vampireapologist! I followed her for a while back when I was still on tumblr. we never interacted, but she always had cool content!

lina -

O' tomato goddess @crownedwithwisteria please help diagnose what's wrong with this baby :(

crownedwithwisteria -

okay so usually when my tomatoes aren't growing well the problem's normally in the soil. since they've gone purple, I want to say there might be a phosphorus/potassium deficiency there?

(courtesy cut for length)

stunting and purple leaves can also be caused by the seedlings being too cold- are they close to a window, or an air condition unit, or anwhere where they might be hit by a draft while leaving the unaffected tomatoes untouched? warmth seriously goes a long way with tomatoes, I've found they really take off if you let them grow in 75-80 F enviroments but once you hit 50-60 F or below they slow down and start struggling more. temps below 60 F are known to cause purpling and stunting in tomatoes, too, so that's def. something to look into.

personally speaking, I'd try to transplant the seedlings into fresh soil and give them one good dose of diluted fish emulsion, maybe moving their growing location if possible, because they're def. lacking something, esp. if they were planted back in january and they're still baby like this.

if you do try transplanting/fish emulsion you can also spray some diluted fish emulsion on the leaves to try and help them green up, but even just transplanting and moving the plants somewhere warmer might make a difference! it would probably take a week or so to kick in after transplanting to tell, though.

if you can only pick one to do, though, I'd do the fish emulsion at the very least- looking at them, I really, really want to say that they're missing out on nutrients, since they're not crowded, it looks like your soil is deep enough, and I don't see any signs of pests anywhere on the leaves. the fish emulsion will give them a good dose of overall nutrients to work with and it should kick in pretty fast compared to other fertilizers. it's nasty-smelling stuff, but it works!

they don't look dead, just like they're having a rough time of it! if you try everything and none of it helps, let me know, I'll go a-hunting for any other possibilities!

@thoughts oh god foraging is so much fun and I only have a small range of plants I know how to ID but I love doing it

I don't do mushrooms or anything like that since they're so easy to mess up, but I forage around for things to use in homemade teas and other stuff like bath soaks and salves!! obviously I don't end up with too much since I like to leave plenty of stuff for the wildlife lol, but I still have fun!

violets and dandelions are big ones, they're so useful and we run out of them so fast! plantain's got a longer season, so we usually just harvest what we need fresh and dry them if they're going in like a salve or a body butter or smth. I plan on harvesting some of the kudzu vines for baskets, but you can also make a jelly out of the flowers (nasty invasive,,, hhhh,, but really good tasting jelly. still doesn't excuse its crimes)!

we also have honeysuckle growing wild here, so sometimes I'll just stand outside and chase drops of nectar for a couple hours lol. I also made a jelly with them once, it was,, kinda sweet to the point of pain ahaha. thanks to @fungus I now know that yellow wood sorrel makes a nice snack, and I also found out you can use it as a dye and it throws a pink?? I want to try that!

a major goal for me this year is to go hunting for pine resin- I don't want to deliberately hurt the tree, so after like any storms we end up getting, I should be able to go and look for any spots where branches get snapped off in the storm, and according to what I've read there should be some bits that drip off the raw wound that should be able to be scraped off? we've got a million pines all over the place so hopefully I'll find some!

I also want to go hunting for jewelweed, but really just to mark where it's growing- it should be growing all over the place here, but there's been less and less of it and I'm worried it's going to end up vanishing like the paw paw trees and the milkweed :/ at least I don't have to worry about the goldenrod, since it's everywhere!

it just feels really nice to just... go out and pick things? even by most people's foraging standards, I tend to harvest with a super light hand, but I still end up with more than enough to be satisfied!

:OOO !!!!

I want... all the apples now aaaa, that's so cool!! I didn't even know you could get heirloom apple trees!!! 100% gonna try and get some apples from this guy when I get a chance!!

@lina aaaa they grow so fast!! :D hope your babies keep growing well and end up big and strong!!

@naiad !!! I didn't even think about that but oh my god a tiny heart-shaped strawberry-colored doll bed would be absolutely adorable

80roxy08 asked:

💻-Any favorite video games or web series?

📖-Any favorite books?

💻-Any favorite video games or web series?

the rune factory series and the legend of zelda series!! excellent games, catch me replaying them over and over again aaaa

📖-Any favorite books?

patrick rothfuss's kingkiller chronicles owns my entire soul. also brandon sanderson's stormlight archives, and his other short side book the emperor's soul, and I have a deep fondeness for johnathan strange & mr norrell by susanna clarke....

also the dragonsinger triology by anne mccaffrey!

lina asked:

🛌-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night?

🎈-How do you usually celebrate birthdays? Do you go out, or stay home and treat yourself?

🛌-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night?

night owl but hhhh I wish I was an early bird so much... once the weather gets nicer and it's pleasant enough in the morning that I can head out to the garden right at sunrise each day I'll try to work on that.

my favorite time of day is sunrise! colorful and peaceful all at the same time :D

🎈-How do you usually celebrate birthdays? Do you go out, or stay home and treat yourself?

mostly just stay at home and relax lol. birthdays are kind of a family obligation here so I usually have to go visit my grandmother each year, but other than that? I usually just stay home and play video games lol

naiad asked:

🧸-Do you still have stuffed animals/plushies? If so, which one is your favorite?

oh I have a few!! not many are left, and most of my favorites got destroyed over the years (turns out cats can be as bad as puppies for this kind of thing), but I still have my childhood favorite!

she's locked away in my cedar chest rn, but she's a little blue dog oh-so creatively named "blue"!

phantomflame03 asked:

⛰️-What's your favorite kind of natural structure? (i.e. mountains, forests, rivers, etc.)

forests!! bonus points if the forests have little creeks running through them!

mcatnip asked:


🏰-If you could live in any kind of building (castle, skyscraper, etc.), what kind would you live in?

a little cottage in the deep country, surrounded by woods!!

or a greenhouse. not gonna lie, I would absolutely be down to live in a greenhouse with like one of those little gardener sheds attatched to it.

lina asked:

i couldn't help myself! i talked to dad and we ordered 4 more tomato seeds!

black krim from one site and rosella from a site that had a 3 for 2 deal so we also added a variety called oxheart and one called brandywine. we're gonna grow so hecking many tomatoes i'm so excited!!!

(also i'll have to take the bus here to water them sometimes but it'll be worth it haha)

AAAA that's so exciting!!! :D :D I've never come across oxhearts but oh man I've heard of brandywines, they're on my wishlist!! they're supposed to be awesome tomatoes! :D

star-rice asked:

I don't interact with your plant posts all that often, but I wanted to send you your regular reminder that you're awesome and I love hearing about your plants and the work you're doing (which is fucking terrific, btw). You're truely a worthy care taker of this earth.

asdfghjkl aaaa thank you!! <3 <3

fungus asked:

got any tips for gardening in a dorm room that faces northeast-east and gets about 3 hrs direct sunlight on good days? desperately need plants in my life but left all my succs with my mom bc they were bolting and i was concerned for their health :(

hmmmm... any full shade plants should like that, since full shade is actually supposed to be ~3 hours of indirect light a day! hostas give you some pretty leaves, or if you want flowers, there's always impatiens or violets!

you can find lists of full-shade plants online and scroll through those for ideas- anything that can grow in full shade that's also small enough to fit in a dorm room should do just fine, I'd think!

@megafauna I mean it wasn't bad at all! I'm just really, really not used to the flavor of ranch dressing and if you had a piece of chicken and one of the noodles in your mouth at the same time, the ranch like. compounded itself. and it could have just used a tad more moisture and cheese. maybe some cheddar cheese mixed straight into the sauce. maybe.

def. a recipe I'm going to come back to and play with sometime!

@everythingthatmatters ohhh I wish I had a greenhouse! I'd be unstoppable lol
I actually grow all my plants in my room! it really doesn't look pretty at the moment, but here's a picture of my current set up-

steel shelving from lowes + 9 sets of shoplights + 18 T8 florescent daylight bulbs. whole thing cost... maybe $500-$600? each shelf can hold four trays of plants, so I have a pretty good amount of space!

if I ever got the money together I could set up the bottom shelf to grow plants too- trial and error taught me that 2 lights per shelf just isn't enough to prevent stretching, so three per shelf it is!

when it comes to the varieties, I got my hands on my parent's seed collection to go with mine- plus I got gifted a ton too! I generally try to aim to get 3-5 of each variety, since I expect the pests to claim a few, and some seeds to just not germinate. I like a lot of variety in my garden! and I'm very weak for colorful heirloom tomatoes lol.

which varieties are you growing? I might have a few of the same!

@babushka yes and they're beautiful!!!
I don't have any pictures of my own right now but here's a | few links | to some | pictures of just how colorful chicken eggs can naturally be!
you can actually specifically buy chicks called 'easter egg' chickens in hatcheries that carry the genes for laying blue and green eggs since people do specifically want them in many cases, and you can get olive eggs too if you find someone selling chicks whose flock has the genetics for it!

@fungus asdfghjkl okay,, I looked it up and watched it (assuming this is the right video?) and now I really want to play around with botw recipes so badly aaaAAAA

@megafauna that happened one year a few years back to us too, I have a feeling that's probably what's going on right now :( all the early spring stuff's def. thinking it's spring right now and from what I recall I think that year got hit by really late frost and snow, so...