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there's like a 95% chance I'm just gonna go ahead and start all my tomato and pepper seeds today not gonna lie

first pic is all of my tiny babies that're still under greenhouse conditions- artichokes, hollyhocks, my mini tomatoes, my grandmother's early cherry tomato, st john's wort, snapdragons, thyme, my many kinds of cabbage, broccoli, & cauliflower, my mini peas, and freshly-transplanted rhubarb that's apparently super fussy at being disturbed so it's throwing a fit rn

second pic is 3 of my 6 peanut plants!! I have more seed I'll be direct-seeding once the weather's warmed up for real but since they need 140 days to produce a crop I started a few inside as both a germination test and to have a head start just in case

aaaand lastly my baby apple tree!! started from seed from an heirloom apple (apparently they can produce true from seed? I wouldn't be bothered if it didn't tho more trees is never a bad thing here), a couple months old now and still steadily growing!