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Posts tagged sweet potatoes:

this is all sweet potato foliage with like... three blades of grass mixed in and that's it for weeds.

red japanese, ginseng, and all purple sweet potatoes are all mixed in together here, and there's a mirror of this on the bed directly across from this one, only it has 3 molokai purple sweet potatoes + gourd plants in it.

my sweet potato slips finally arrived!! they're a bit wilty but I stuck them in some potting soil and gave them a good watering and they should perk up :)

they actually gave me a few extra- the all purple (purple flesh) was the only one that had 6, the red japanese (white flesh) had 7, and the ginseng (orange flesh) had 8!! :D but I still have my 3 molokai purple too, so I've got 21 sweet potato slips :D

the tricky part here is that we're going to need to fix up special places for them, probably some raised beds, amended with a bit of creek sand. which we can't do right now because everything's sopping wet. oh, well, maybe in a few days!

also I recently found out that sweet potato slips apparently are supposed to be capable of producing 5 lbs of sweet potatoes per slip

and that a single sweet potato can give you about 10 slips so


I'm absolutely gonna have to figure out how to pick/save sweet potatoes for slip-making because if I could get ten slips off one potato for free instead of forking over $10 for only 6 potato slips?? yeah I'm absolutely going to do that instead