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treemom asked:


Ethylamine: What sound do you love?

gentle rain on tree leaves... no thunder, no heavy winds or severe weather, just a steady patter of rain just heavy enough to make that perfect noise

intrepid-inkweaver asked:

πŸ‘ what are your favorite things to write?

✏ do you write by hand, or do you type everything?

β˜” what, in your opinion, is optimal writing conditions? (weather, temperature, location to write at, etc)

πŸ‘ what are your favorite things to write?

ngl it's really, really fun to take oc/si characters and use them to worldbuild/violently derail canon with them and I think I have like seven of those lurking in my docs

also I love writing like... I guess the word for them would be either magic aus or supernatural aus? actually, thinking on it, I'm pretty sure most of my writing counts as aus...

✏ do you write by hand, or do you type everything?

type everything! the few times I tried hand-writing I ended up writing too fast when I got inspired and ended up being unable to read about a third of the words after XD

β˜” what, in your opinion, is optimal writing conditions? (weather, temperature, location to write at, etc)

when it's raining outside but more a gentle rain than a downpour, one of those rains where you can open your window and just breathe in the smell of it, just barely adding enough coolness to the air to justify wearing a cozy hoodie and socks. best location is on the floor or bed, headphones on and with a laptop.

star-rice asked:


🐦 do you plan all of your story first, then write it, or do you just jump right in and wing it?

I'm solidly in the 'wing it' camp XD I'm terrible at planning! which is probably why I never manage to finish stories :')

πŸ’« have you ever learned a skill just because you were writing about it?

I taught myself to make a net by hand for a fic! XD that counts right

there's a lot I've started learning because I was writing about it, but I'm not actually good enough with any of them to say that I've learned them yet ahaha XD that list is more than a little longer and includes learning about sea travel/navigation/ship functions (I know more about like... how the dog watch is actually desirable and stuff than the other parts XD), compass navigation, wilderness survival, plant ID stuff, juggling, pottery, hand-spinning, etc. there's a lot too that I want to do that I just haven't gotten around to trying yet, like hatmaking, shoemaking, navigating by stars, and stuff like that!

naiad asked:

🧸-Do you still have stuffed animals/plushies? If so, which one is your favorite?

oh I have a few!! not many are left, and most of my favorites got destroyed over the years (turns out cats can be as bad as puppies for this kind of thing), but I still have my childhood favorite!

she's locked away in my cedar chest rn, but she's a little blue dog oh-so creatively named "blue"!

mcatnip asked:


🏰-If you could live in any kind of building (castle, skyscraper, etc.), what kind would you live in?

a little cottage in the deep country, surrounded by woods!!

or a greenhouse. not gonna lie, I would absolutely be down to live in a greenhouse with like one of those little gardener sheds attatched to it.

naiad asked:


Basil: Do you like to cook?

I haven't really gotten to experience cooking much (scared to mess up without someone who knows what they're doing there to correct me ahaha), but what I have I've enjoyed quite a bit!

80roxy08 asked:

β˜” - What’s the climate like in your area?

If you havent done it already? C|:)

humid sub-tropical, but sheltered off of a lot of severe weather by mountains! it's considered a "goldilocks" climate- not too hot, not too cold!

... is what the official people say. what's the actual truth is that it gets up to the high 90s in summer, dips down normally to about -10 at the coldest points in the winter. but at least the mountains really do their job!

and by that I mean a tornado went along its merry destructive way not even a 10 minute drive away from our house last year (or possibly the year before), but since our house happens to be nestled among steep hills and thick woods, we didn't even notice until we saw it on the news the next day. my dad was out grilling when it happened. anyway, that's about as severe as the weather gets around here!

we also tend to swing in the summer between 2-3 day downpours and then 1-1 1/2 weeks with no rain, or fast thunderstorms practically every single evening for a week. I'd say in general we get a pretty decent amount of rain overall tho, droughts are pretty rare.

2. A strange fact about yourself

this is actually a hard one?? hmmm

apparently I'm a very hard person to read? I've had multiple people tell me it's impossible to tell what I think about things by looking at my face, which was news to me.

11. A movie you could watch over and over again

hhhh so I don't really watch movies unless I need something to occupy my mind while I'm crocheting/embroidering, buuuuut...

... The Amazing Spider-Man, probably. first movie, not the second.

15. Pie or cake


16. Favorite scent

okay so we have this creek deep in the woods on our property right

down there, right at the rocks of the bank. the smell of the water, the woods and the moss, the rich earthy green smell, all together.

and the best part is if you can hit it right in the morning, when it's all drowsy and the sun's only just starting to rise, and if it rained in the night just a little bit and it all comes together...